Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Compare the LG 231c to the LG 220c for Straight Talk, TracFone and Net10

If you are considering purchasing buying a new LG 231c for TracFone, Straight Talk, or Net10, there are a few important questions to ask before you spend your money.

The first question is this: “Is the LG 231c better than the LG 220c?” The reason it’s important to consider this is that the 220c, while about a year older than the 231, is a VERY similar handset. And the 220c can usually be found cheaper than the newer model.
So you then must consider what the 231c offers that the predecessor doesn’t. The answer pretty much comes down to the camera. That’s about all that you’ll get with the 231 that is not on the LG 220c.
But the thing is, the camera really isn’t even that good. It’s only .3 megapixels, which is definitely NOT going to produce photos you’d ever want to print out, since they’d be very grainy. Further, it lacks flash, so it will be even worse in low-light situations.
And if you do take pictures and want to get them off the phone, the only way to do so will be by sending an MMS to your email address or another phone. And depending on which minutes plan you use, this could end up costing you money too.
So really, the only important difference between these two models is an unremarkable camera. I suppose it could turn out to be helpful sometimes, but the quality is so low that it definitely won’t be a fun feature to use.
On the bright side, both models are durable and excellent and covering the basics such as voice quality, battery life, and signal reception.
The older 220c even has a slight edge in terms of build quality, as it feels more sturdy than the newer model.
In summary, if all you really need is a solid and reliable phone for phone calls and SMS messaging, you really need to decide whether it’s worth another $10 to you to have a camera on your phone.You can get this phone from Tracfone.
I’ve put a lot of time into my LG 231c review, and decide that for many users, the 220c will be the better choice. Before you purchase either model, thought, I suggest you take a look at this complete LG 231c review and make an informed decision.

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